Camden is empty and all the hipsters are here

It’d be a good tagline if it had anything to do with this post.

A good afternoon to you all. The name’s Nathan and I’ve been a terrifically unsuccessful writer for the past seven years. I started up where everybody else did, writing short stories comprised of mega-cheese, crafted with the literary finesse of a guinea-pig that’s been inconveniently robbed of limbs. Basically high-school crap. When I hit up 6th Form (University for you yanks), I decided on the spot I was going to follow through with the dream and start writing my first book. As you can imagine, reading these desperate lines, that did not go to plan. I self published two years after starting (I got lazy and lost inspiration partway through), and sales were somewhat lacklustre. This was in part due to a distinct lack of prose and all forms of writing experience. My haste was my own worst enemy, and instead of finding a pleasant midway, I’ve instead spent the last few years in limbo with three projects on the go that haven’t been touched in far far too long. My first book is dead, and no matter how attached to my first years long project I got, I know it needs to be put out to pasture. To be frank it was a diabolical read, my own brother being the book’s only real lover. It’s removed from sale and now I begin anew. (For those curious, it was called Years Into Days).

So, to the three projects; The first is a sequel to the original book – Years into Night. Perhaps one day I’ll go back and make the first thing a readable mass, if only to give the sequel some semblance of backstory. It’s halfway finished, but I intend to go through it start to finish to ensure it’s in good enough shape to carry on. The second project is a hat tip to Wizards of the Coast’s Magic: The Gathering story work, something I’ve been working on for the last few months, that I think may be my best work yet. It’s a working title, but if I told you Dark Depths is the name of the prologue, some fans may have an idea of the premise. The third and final project is a thriller called The Obituary of Stephen Hill I’ve had rolling around my head for a few years now, but I’ve not yet formulated the personalities for my character to get it off the ground. I feel I’ve uncovered a few bits of human understanding in these last couple of months, so it may yet come to fruition in the coming months.

For the last two years I’ve been working as a moderator and journalist for TechPowerUP! and NextPowerUp, writing a few articles, reviews, doing Q&As with developers, and even the odd bit of video here and there (lesson learnt, I’m bad at that stuff). I’ve been away from the keyboard for a little too long, so this is my way of trying a new form of progression. Money has never been a driving factor for writing, which is convenient considering I’ve probably not made enough to feed myself for an average year. As such most of my projects will be open for reading on here, posted piece by piece as and when my procrastinating ass gets around to posting them.

Feel free to hate on the exposition, die from reading juvenile dialogue, and come to a sick realisation that prose is not my strong point.


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